Weekly Sex Addiction Recovery Assessment

For Karuna Healing clients, please fill out this weekly, and we will track the trends.

Weekly recovery assessment


The following questionnaire is to assess for the previous SEVEN DAYS. Please give your best answer.

If you had urges to engage in problematic sexual behaviors, on average, how strong and how frequent were your urges? Reminder: our goal is not to get rid of urges. Our goal is to be mindfully aware of them and welcome them while not indulging or giving into them.
If you had thoughts come to mind about acting out sexually, how much distress did they give you?
How well did you keep your inner circle, bottom line sexual health plan commitments?
How much time did you spend total in sexual behaviors in your inner circle (boundaries) and middle circle (ambivalence/"watching")?
How well did you do in showing empathy and patience for your partner's betrayal trauma and avoiding narcissistic relational behaviors with your partner? blaming, lying, defensiveness, excuse-making, etc. If not in a relationship, answer according to how you relate with others or yourself.
How well did you show compassion to yourself?
What level was your anxiety?
What level was your depression?
How stressful or crazy did life feel (relationships, job/school, finances, etc.)?
How well did you do with being present and feeling difficult emotions as they came up and not needing to suppress, distract, or escape?
How well did you do with daily mindfulness, parts check-in, and Ideal Parent mentalization practice?
Otherwise how active were you in recovery: groups, accountability partner calls, 12 Step service, recovery books or podcasts?
How well did you do with self-care? (exercise, sleep, diet, intellectual , social, spiritual)?
Review and uncheck if not applicable