Transformative Experiences: Testimonials from Our Online Counseling Sessions

"I’ve had many therapists in my lifetime, and this is the first time I’ve really felt like I’ve made breakthroughs, understanding why this addiction has had such a power over me."

"I’ve referred several clients to Rob’s IFS group. I highly recommend.”

"Working with Rob and Julie was our last try before divorce. Things are 100% better. I’m glad I didn’t give up."

"I connected with Julie immediately. Her knowledge and experience and care helped guide me through the most difficult time of my life.”

"What you’re doing is so important. IFS is a great tool to understand the mind of addiction, but it’s hard to find CSAT’s who know this model."

"I’ve done EMDR before and it felt a little impersonal. This was a completely different experience. Thank you, Julie!"

"Rob’s course on IFS for sex addiction is the best. It’s not fluffy like the material I always see. You get really deep and make changes that last."

"I love that Rob is a CSAT but is not as rigid about the addiction model.”

"I felt lost and devastated after finding my husband’s online sexual activity. Julie helped restore my sense of worth and dignity.”