Sex Addiction Assessments

The following assessments are included in the automated assessment report. Some of these are stand-alone assessments and include demographics information at the top like name, age, gender, relationship status. You can skip that and just enter your email only, since that info is gathered in the first assessment “General Information”. Count on taking 15 seconds per question as a general rule for planning purpose. About two hours for the entire process. It’s probably good to divide this up into two or three sittings. Some of the questions are repetitive, but these tests have been designed and optimized to give the best information with least painful process possible.

General Information Questionnaire 

Self-Compassion Scale 12 questions

ADHD Test (SRS v1.1) 18 questions 

ACE — Adverse Childhood Experiences — Trauma Index 10 questions

Religious Impact Scale 21 questions

GAD7 – Seven Question Anxiety Assessment 8 questions.

Attachment Style Test 40 questions

Obsessive Compulsive Inventory — OCI 18 questions

Depression Scale PHQ-9 9 questions

Sexual Behavior inventory 27 questions

SES SIS Sexual Excitation and Inhibition Scales 14 questions

Codependence 19 questions

Sexual attitudes scale 22 questions

Relationship assessment OK to skip this if you are not in a long-term relationship. 43 questions

Impulsivity scale 12 questions

Emotion Regulation and Experiential Avoidance Assessment 28 questions

PTSD and stress-related assessment 16 questions

CSBD-19 19 questions

Additional questions for addiction assessment 38 questions

Personality Questions 48 questions

Additional ADHD assessment Conner 42 questions (ok to skip if you are not interested in a full ADHD assessment)