Emotion Regulation and Experiential Avoidance Assessment

Emotion Regulation

Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements

I'm quick to leave any situation that makes me feel uneasy(Required)
When unpleasant memories come to me, I try to put them out of my mind(Required)
I won't do something until I absolutely have to(Required)
Fear or anxiety won't stop me from doing something important(Required)
I rarely do something if there is a chance that it will upset me(Required)
I try to put off unpleasant tasks for as long as possible(Required)
I go out of my way to avoid uncomfortable situations(Required)
I work hard to keep out upsetting feelings(Required)
Pain always leads to suffering(Required)
When I'm upset, I feel like I am weak.(Required)
When I'm upset, I believe that I will remain that way for a long time.(Required)
When I'm upset, I have difficulty controlling my behaviors.(Required)
When I'm upset, my emotions feel overwhelming.(Required)
When I'm upset, I believe that there is nothing I can do to make myself feel better.(Required)
When I'm upset, I have difficulty getting work done.(Required)
When I'm upset, I believe that I'll end up feeling very depressed.(Required)
When I'm upset, I have difficulty focusing on other things.(Required)
When I'm upset, I become out of control.(Required)
When I'm upset, I become irritated with myself for feeling that way.(Required)
It frustrates me not having all the information I need.(Required)
I can’t stand being taken by surprise.(Required)
When it’s time to act, uncertainty paralyzes me.(Required)
The smallest doubt can stop me from acting.(Required)
A small, unforeseen event can spoil everything, even with the best of planning.(Required)
I was basically on “auto-pilot” most of the time.(Required)
I was proud about how I lived my life.(Required)
I continued to get better at being the kind of person I want to be.(Required)
When things didn’t go according to plan, I gave up easily.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable