personality traits

Personality Test 1

This is a list of things different people might say about themselves. We are interested in how you would describe yourself. There are no right or wrong answers, so you can describe yourself as honestly as possible. We'd like you to take your time and read each statement carefully, selecting the response that best describes you.

I get fixated on certain things and can’t stop.(Required)
I tend to dominate conversations.(Required)
My emotions are unpredictable.(Required)
I get extremely angry when criticized.(Required)
I do what I want regardless of how unsafe it might be.(Required)
Sometimes I feel "controlled" by thoughts that belong to someone else.(Required)
I often forget to pay my bills.(Required)
I often make up things about myself to help me get what I want.(Required)
I like to draw attention to myself.(Required)
I don't get emotional.(Required)
I don't react much to things that seem to make others emotional.(Required)
I often have to deal with people who are less important than me.(Required)
I get emotional easily, often for very little reason.(Required)
I deserve special treatment.(Required)
I love getting the attention of other people.(Required)
I am usually pretty hostile.(Required)
I have trouble changing how I'm doing something even if what I'm doing isn't going well.(Required)
I like being a person who gets noticed.(Required)
I don’t care if my actions hurt others.(Required)
To be honest, I'm just more important than other people.(Required)
I don’t care about other peoples’ problems.(Required)
I suspect that even my so-called “friends” betray me a lot.(Required)
I use people to get what I want.(Required)
I'm good at conning people.(Required)
I keep trying to make things perfect, even when I've gotten them as good as they're likely to get.(Required)
I avoid social events.(Required)
I'm always on my guard for someone trying to trick or harm me.(Required)
I often have thoughts that make sense to me but that other people say are strange.(Required)
I do a lot of things that others consider risky.(Required)
Others seem to think I'm quite odd or unusual.(Required)
I really don't care if I make other people suffer.(Required)
I have a very short temper.(Required)
I'm good at making people do what I want them to do.(Required)
Sweet-talking others helps me get what I want.(Required)
I'm better than almost everyone else.(Required)
I am easily angered.(Required)
I make promises that I don't really intend to keep.(Required)
I'm not interested in making friends.(Required)
It is easy for me to take advantage of others.(Required)
It's no big deal if I hurt other peoples' feelings.(Required)
I don’t like spending time with others.(Required)
I'll stretch the truth if it's to my advantage.(Required)
I don't hesitate to cheat if it gets me ahead.(Required)
Even though it drives other people crazy, I insist on absolute perfection in everything I do.(Required)
I often have unusual experiences, such as sensing the presence of someone who isn't actually there.(Required)
If something I do isn't absolutely perfect, it's simply not acceptable.(Required)
I insist on getting the respect that’s due me.(Required)
I expect a great deal from other people.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable