Religious Impact Scale

Religious Impact Scale

This is a customized version of a scale used by Joshua Grubbs and Julie Exline in their studies on perceived pornography addiction and religious beliefs.

Moral and religious conflict is a huge aspect of sex addiction recovery and an important part of the assessment process. This scale is used to predict religious moral conflict in sex addiction recovery.

Religious Impact Scale


At times in life, many people experience struggles, concerns or doubts regarding spiritual or religious issues. Over the last month, to what extent have you had each of the experiences listed below? There are no right or wrong answers; the best answer is the one that most accurately reflects your experience.

Felt as though God had let me down(Required)
Felt angry at God(Required)
Felt as though God had abandoned me(Required)
Felt as though God was punishing me(Required)
Questioned God’s love for me(Required)
Felt hurt, mistreated, or offended by religious/spiritual people(Required)
Felt rejected or misunderstood by religious/spiritual people(Required)
Felt as though others were looking down on me because of my religious/spiritual beliefs(Required)
Had conflicts with other people about religious/spiritual matters(Required)
Felt angry at organized religion(Required)
Wrestled with attempts to follow my moral principles(Required)
Felt torn between what I wanted and what I knew was morally right(Required)
Felt guilty for not living up to my moral standards(Required)
Felt like most of my distress over sexual behaviors was due to my religious beliefs.(Required)
Felt like most of my distress over sexual behaviors was due to my partner's religious beliefs.(Required)

Please answer the following questions. Choose the closest answer.

Being a religious person is important to me.(Required)
Being a religious person is important for my partner.(Required)
I attend religious meeting or services(Required)
I engage in individual prayer, meditation, scripture study, or other form of personal worship.(Required)
I have doubts about God's existence(Required)
I have doubts about my religion.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable