Attachment Style Test

This attachment test is a modified ECR. This is incredibly valuable information to understand your attachment style. For recovery in sex addiction and betrayal trauma but also generally in relationships and all aspects of mental health. Take the test and receive a free 15 page ebook including your results and customized counsel on how to heal, given your specific attachment style.

View sample reports:
Sample report for sex addiction
Sample report for betrayal trauma

Attachment Security Test


This test is designed to measure attachment security in an adult romantic relationship. If you are not in a relationship, answer the questions based on your last long-term relationship, or how it relates to a close friend or parent.

I usually discuss my problems and concerns with my partner.(Required)
When my partner attempts to connect with me, it often stresses me out.(Required)
I worry a lot about my relationships.(Required)
It helps to turn to my romantic partner in times of need.(Required)
Sometimes romantic partners change their feelings about me for no apparent reason.(Required)
Showing vulnerability is scary because I expect that people will use it to take advantage of me.(Required)
I tend not to trust other people.(Required)
My mood swings are sometimes so extreme that other people have trouble keeping up or understanding me.(Required)
I feel comfortable sharing my private thoughts and feelings with my partner.(Required)
It's difficult for me to feel safe with my partner(Required)
I sometimes think I want to be more close with my partner, but then when I do, I start to feel suffocated.(Required)
I’m afraid that once a romantic partner gets to know me, he or she won’t like who I really am.(Required)
When I show my feelings for romantic partners, I’m afraid they will not feel the same about me.(Required)
It’s not difficult for me to get close to my partner.(Required)
I am nervous when partners get too close to me.(Required)
I talk things over with my partner.(Required)
I prefer to work alone and don't like reaching out for help.(Required)
I feel afraid my partner is going to hurt me.(Required)
I often wish that my partner’s feelings for me were as strong as my feelings for him or her.(Required)
I prefer not to be too close to romantic partners.(Required)
It’s easy for me to be affectionate with my partner.(Required)
I prefer not to show a partner how I feel deep down.(Required)
I worry that I won’t measure up to other people.(Required)
Other people seem to have much less turbulent relationships than I do.(Required)
I’m afraid that I will lose my partner’s love.(Required)
I often worry that my romantic partner doesn’t really love me.(Required)
I tell my partner just about everything.(Required)
Sometimes I've gotten upset and don't remember what happened.(Required)
I become so focused on how my partner feels or what my partner wants, that I lose touch with what I want.(Required)
I regularly feel confused and hopeless when I’m faced with challenges.(Required)
My romantic partner makes me doubt myself.(Required)
I often worry that my partner will not want to stay with me.(Required)
When dealing with the anxiety of waiting for my partner to respond to a text or call, I will sometimes lash out at them.(Required)
I don’t really know who I am.(Required)
I get uncomfortable when a romantic partner wants to be very close.(Required)
I don’t feel comfortable opening up to romantic partners.(Required)
It makes me mad that I don’t get the affection and support I need from my partner.(Required)
I find that my partner doesn't want to get as close as I would like.(Required)
I find myself getting frustrated with my partner, because I am putting more effort into the relationship.(Required)
When I become disconnected from my partner, I am the one apologizing, accomodating, and trying to fix it, even when it's not my fault.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable
Review and uncheck if not applicable
Which version of the report would you like?(Required)