Codependency Composite Scale CCS

For Betrayed Partners: Karuna Healing is strongly AGAINST the codependency model. The codependency model is the perspective of labeling the partner of an addict as a codependent or co-addict. The model suggests the partner’s addiction is to some degree the fault of the partner, ie somehow because of her actions her partner developed or worsened his addiction. This perspective is pathologizing and shaming of the partner–and wrong. We reject this model in favor of the betrayed partner trauma model, ie that a partner’s addiction causes trauma which causes the partner to act with common PTSD symptoms.

This test assesses for relationship symptoms such as self-subrogation, self-sacrifice, and emotional suppression. Many of these are symptoms of relationship trauma. Identifying these symptoms is helpful in developing a treatment plan.



Please answer each question truthfully as possible.

I try to control events and people through helplessness, guilt, coercion, threats, advicegiving, manipulation, or domination.(Required)
I become afraid to let other people be who they are and allow events to happen naturally.(Required)
I try to control events and how other people should behave.(Required)
I feel compelled or forced to help people solve their problems (i.e., offering advice).(Required)
I feel that without my effort and attention, everything would fall apart.(Required)
My mood is fairly stable and unaffected by the problems and moods of those close to me.(Required)
I live too much by other people’s standards.(Required)
I always put the needs of my family before my own needs.(Required)
It is my responsibility to devote my energies to helping loved ones solve their problems.(Required)
No matter what happens the family always comes first.(Required)
I often put the needs of others ahead of my own.(Required)
What I feel isn’t important as long as those I love are okay.(Required)
Because it is selfish, I cannot put my own needs before the needs of others.(Required)
Feelings often build up inside me that I do not express.(Required)
I keep my emotions under tight control.(Required)
I keep my feelings to myself and put up a good front.(Required)
It makes me uncomfortable to share my feelings with others.(Required)
I am very open with others about my feelings, no matter what they are.(Required)
I push painful thoughts and feelings out of my awareness.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable