Narcissism Spectrum Scale — NSS

This scale is used with permission from the work of Dr. Craig Malkin.

Why narcissism test for sex addiction?

Sex addiction is highly correlated with narcissism. Narcissism can cause a person to break limiting boundaries that others don’t break. Sex addiction can cause futility and hopelessness that leads a person to accept narcissism as a coping mechanism. “I can’t stop, so I’m going to stop trying and stop caring who I hurt in the process, the pain and shame is too great to bear if I don’t.”

We sometimes get trapped in narcissistic patterns when it comes to gaslighting our partners with lying, blaming, and defensiveness about our actions. It’s imperative to address this immediately. Studies show this behavior sometimes causes more trauma on our partners than the actual sexual behaviors that break relationship agreements. Addressing narcissistic habits is an important component in sex addiction recovery therapy.

Don’t believe what you hear on social media about narcissism and narcissists. 1) you or the loved one you’re concerned about likely is not a full-blown narcissist with NPD 2) change is possible with self-awareness, motivation, and the right therapy/coaching techniques.

Narcissism Spectrum Scale


Please answer these questions with the closest answer.

Compliments make me uncomfortable.(Required)
It irritates me when someone gets ahead by being the star.(Required)
I’ve missed out on opportunities because I was uncomfortable nominating myself (e.g., for promotion or leadership position).(Required)
Sometimes I won’t state my ideas because someone else’s will be better.(Required)
I often defer to other people’s opinions.(Required)
I worry about how other people think and feel about me.(Required)
I’m not sure what I want or need in relationships.(Required)
When people ask me my preferences, I’m often at a loss.(Required)
I blame myself whenever things go badly in a relationship.(Required)
I apologize a lot.(Required)
I’m self-confident, but caring.(Required)
I press on, even when tasks are challenging.(Required)
I take more pride in my achievements when I have to work hard for them.(Required)
I can recognize my limitations without feeling bad about myself.(Required)
I’m happy to acknowledge my faults if it improves a situation.(Required)
I believe both partners contribute to the success or failure of a relationship.(Required)
I can rein myself in when people tell me I’m getting a big head.(Required)
I like to dream big but not at the expense of my relationships.(Required)
I’ll take giving over receiving any day.(Required)
Despite setbacks, I believe in myself.(Required)
I find it easy to manipulate people.(Required)
I insist on getting the respect that’s due me.(Required)
I expect a great deal from other people.(Required)
I’ll never be satisfied until I get all that I deserve.(Required)
I secretly believe I’m better than most people.(Required)
I get extremely angry when criticized.(Required)
I get upset when people don’t notice how I look in public.(Required)
I’m apt to show off if I get the chance.(Required)
I have a strong will to power.(Required)
I’m great at a lot of things compared to most people.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable