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Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Groups

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Therapist-led group therapy can be as or more powerful and transformative than individual therapy or Twelve Step groups in recovery.

Group therapy has many benefits.

  1. It helps individuals realize that they are not alone in their struggles, which raises self-compassion and reduced shame and isolation.
  2. Group therapy facilitates giving and receiving support, as members are encouraged to turn to each other for feedback and connection.
  3. Group therapy helps individuals find their “voice” by becoming more aware of their own feelings and needs and expressing them.
  4. Group therapy helps people relate to others and themselves in healthier ways by providing honest feedback and opportunities to try new ways of relating.
  5. Group therapy provides a safety net, as members can practice new skills in the group setting and carry the group’s support with them between sessions.

Group therapy is particularly valuable for sex addiction and sexual betrayal trauma. Attending both group and individual therapy can be the most helpful approach, as individuals can discuss their experiences in the group with their individual therapist.


Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Group Therapy is a transformative therapeutic approach that addresses the complex emotional and behavioral challenges arising from sex addiction and the ensuing betrayal trauma experienced by partners. Unlike individual therapy, this method brings together individuals facing similar struggles, creating a dynamic where mutual experiences foster understanding, empathy, and collective growth.

The group setting acts as a beacon, illuminating the fact that one is not alone in their journey, thereby mitigating feelings of isolation and shame. As members share, listen, and interact, they not only gain insights into their own emotions and behaviors but also receive feedback, which paves the way for healthier relational patterns. This shared therapeutic environment, led by a trained therapist, combines the strength of collective experience with evidence-based techniques to foster genuine healing, empowerment, and sustainable recovery.

Whether grappling with the throes of addiction or the pain of betrayal, participants find in this group therapy a haven of support, understanding, and actionable tools for change.

Online Group Therapy for Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma:

In the digital age, online group therapy for sex addiction and betrayal trauma provides an accessible and convenient avenue for healing. Harnessing the power of technology, participants can join sessions from the comfort of their homes, eliminating geographical barriers and offering greater scheduling flexibility.

This virtual setting ensures that individuals, regardless of their location or personal constraints, have the opportunity to benefit from collective support and expert guidance. Moreover, the online format can enhance feelings of anonymity and security, allowing some participants to open up more freely.

With expert facilitators guiding each session, online group therapy ensures that every participant’s voice is heard and valued, creating an environment of mutual respect, understanding, and growth. Whether you’re seeking understanding, healing, or a supportive community, online group therapy offers a space where connections are forged, and recovery journeys are shared and celebrated.

Group Therapy vs Twelve Steps

Twelve Steps is great for many of the same reasons group therapy is good, as well as finding a sponsor, and providing a community to serve others. Twelve Steps is free and very helpful for many people. We encourage all our clients to at least give Twelve Steps a try.

Therapist-led group therapy has proven to be more effective than Twelve Step groups for sex addiction recovery due to its structured, evidence-based approach. Unlike the spiritual foundation of Twelve Step programs, therapist-led groups employ research-based techniques that address the root causes of addiction, promoting lasting change. In a professionally facilitated environment, participants benefit from the therapist’s expertise in managing group dynamics, ensuring a safe space for open discussion. Additionally, therapist-led groups often incorporate individual therapy, providing tailored support for each member’s unique needs. This comprehensive approach facilitates long-term recovery and personal growth, outperforming the peer-based Twelve Step model.

Therapist-led groups incorporate crosstalk, where individuals give and receive feedback directly from other group members. With a professional to guide this exchange, this “peer in recovery” perspective can be very valuable.

Karuna Approach

Our groups focus on the Karuna Approach, emphasizing self-compassion and using the therapy modalities IFS, ACT, and CBT. Our group’s goals are to heal attachment security, manage emotion regulation, heal from internalized shame, increase self-compassion, grow in self-development, and support other group members regarding their recovery from sex addiction or betrayal trauma, respectively.

For those recovering from sexual compulsivity, we combine aspects from the abstinence-based Patrick Carnes sex addiction CSAT model , the values-based Douglas Braua-Harvey CST Out-Of-Control-Sexual-Behavior model, and the Omar Minwalla Integrity Abuse Disorder Model.

For those recovering from sexual betrayal trauma, we combine aspects of the APSATS model and the Terry Real RLT model. We heal our trauma, learn to understand sex addiction, and are empowered to make and keep strong boundaries that can heal individuals and families.

We have long term groups, with minimum three-month commitment. And we occasionally do short-term skills-based groups. Check the calendar for details.

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