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Sex Addiction Recovery Groups

Online Porn and Sex Addiction Accountability and Process Group:

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Our online porn and sex addiction accountability and process groups are for those who want to enhance their recovery experience either in place of or to augment individual recovery or traditional 12 Step Groups. Research suggests group therapy is equal to or more effective than individual therapy in improving mental health symptoms. Group therapy is known to be successful in addiction recovery and especially sex addiction.  

Rob Terry, sex addiction therapist (CSAT-C), leads the group combining his personal recovery insights and best practices from published research and professional experience.

We combine approaches from many sex addiction frameworks such as the abstinence-based Patrick Carnes sex addiction CSAT model, the values-based Douglas Braun-Harvey CST Out-Of-Control-Sexual-Behavior model, Bill Herring’s Problematic Sexual Behavior model, and Omar Minwalla’s Integrity Abuse Disorder model that explores narcissism.

The goal of the group is to offer a comprehensive approach to address attachment security, emotion regulation, internalized shame, self-compassion, self-development, and mutual support.

Key Features of the Group:

  • Limited to 8 members — reserve your spot now
  • Long-term group format for sustained progress
  • Long-term commitment encouraged for group cohesion and effectiveness
  • 85 minute sessions once per week
  • Cost of $40/week
  • Membership includes a free monthly 30 minute individual session with Rob or a $60 discount on a full session

Sample Group Format:

5 – 10 minute opening guided meditation with intention of cultivating mindful awareness and acceptance of our thoughts, feelings, and urges
20-30 minute psychoeducation and experiential exercises
40-60 minute group processing time

Rotating Three Week Topics:

Week 1 Internal Family Systems Topics: compartmentalization and ambivalence, healing trauma, attachment insecurity, toxic shame, understanding the positive intent of our addiction, healing and integrating our parts

Week 2 Acceptance and Mindfulness Topics: mindfulness, urge surfing, cognitive defusion, welcoming and making space for our negative emotions

Week 3 Various Topics: sex addiction psychoeducation, relationship repair, facing our narcissism, managing ADHD, self-compassion, cognitive distortions

This curriculum is taken from research articles showing the most effective group therapy techniques. 

For further inquiries or to determine if this group is the right fit for you, please email us and/or schedule a 15-minute free consultation with Rob Terry.

We have a new group starting Feb 15, 2024. 

Register Now Starting Feb 15 

Join us for a free eight-week course on porn and sex addiction recovery using IFS (Internal Family Systems) principles.

Free 8 Week IFS-based Porn and Sex Addiction Recovery Course:

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Sample format:

Opening meditation: 5-10 minutes

Lecture with slides: 10-15 minutes

Experiential exercise: 5-10 minutes

Discussion with limited Q & A: 15-20 minutes

Total 45 minutes


Week 1: IFS Intro, Understanding Trauma, Attachment, and Compartmentalization

Week 2: Meeting our Parts: Self, Managers, Firefighters, Exiles

Week 3: Understanding Porn and Sex Addiction through an IFS Parts Lens

Week 4: Radical Compassion for all our Parts

Week 5: Befriending our Harshest Managers: Inner Critic and Inner Worryer

Week 6: What is the Positive Intent of our Addiction Part?

Week 7: Resolving Ambivalence: Establishing partnership between our Manager and Firefighter Parts

Week 8: Healing Trauma, Attachment Wounds, and Negative Core Beliefs of our Inner Child

Register Now Starting Feb 9

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