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Betrayal Trauma Individual and Couples Recovery Groups: Guiding Your Path to Healing and Growth

Welcome to our transformative therapy and counseling services, aimed at assisting individuals, women, and couples on their journey towards recuperation from the profound impacts of betrayal trauma. At Karuna Healing, we combine the best practices of APSATS, Carol Jurgensen Sheets, Gottman Method, and Terry Real RLT to provide a comprehensive approach to healing. Our goal is to empower you to heal from trauma, gain a deeper understanding of sex addiction, and establish strong boundaries that promote healing and restoration for both individuals and families.

Online Twelve Week Couples Group for Sex Addiction and Betrayal Trauma Recovery: Rebuilding Trust and Rediscovering Connection

For couples committed to the journey of reconciliation after experiencing sexual betrayal, our online betrayed couples group provides a nurturing space to rebuild trust and foster connection. Rooted in the principles of the APSATS model and the Terry Real RLT model, our expert therapists will guide you on a path towards healing and restoration.

We’re offering a new 12 week class starting March 19, Wednesdays at 8 pm EST. We’re excited about the new format we’re offering. We will rotate every other week. Week One we meet for 85 minutes as a group. Week Two we will meet for 55 minutes separately the betrayed partners with Julie, the betraying partners with Rob. We will teach and practice skills individually one week, then the next week we meet as a group to learn and practice together.  

The cost will be $600 total per couple. This group will be limited to 10 couples. Please reserve your spot now. 

Topic Materials:

Carol Jurgensen Sheets: Help Her Heal, Cultivating and Showing Empathy

Internal Family Systems (IFS): Getting to Know our Parts and how they affect relationship repair

Omar Minwalla: Establishing Honesty and Integrity

Gottman Method: Atone, Attune, Attach

Russ Harris: Mindfulness and Acceptance. “ACT in Love”

Bercaws: How and When to Restore Sexual Intimacy

Sue Johnson EFT: Attachment Styles and resolving pursue-withdraw dynamics

Stan Tatkin: creating the “couple bubble”

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Betrayal Trauma Individual Group: Healing and Growth to Become Your Best Self

Drawing from Kevin Skinner’s renowned book, “Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal: The Essential Tools for Healing,” our experienced APSATS certified therapists are here to provide guidance, compassion, and practical tools that facilitate your recovery process. Through our specialized online group therapy sessions, you will find a safe and supportive community of individuals who are at various stages of their recovery, offering understanding, empathy, and strength as you navigate your healing journey.

Our group sessions are structured for long-term support, enabling lasting transformation. We require an 80% attendance commitment over a minimum of 12 weeks, with a four-week cancellation policy. The cost of each session is $40, billed a month at a time. Our sessions meet weekly for 85 minutes. Please contact to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to determine if our services align with your needs and goals.