Do you take insurance?

We take most insurances, but we’re only allowed to bill insurance for therapy within the state of Utah where we are licensed. Outside of Utah, we must process it under our coaching license, and we are not allowed to take insurance. You can use usually get reimbursement from your HSA for mental-health related coaching. 

What are your fees and availability?

Our current rate is $150 per 55 minute coaching or therapy session. We are flexible in how we do sessions. One hour sessions are the most common. Sometimes two hour or 90 minute sessions are desired, especially in marriage counseling. These are billed at the equivalent multiplier off the one hour rate.

Julie is available for individual and marriage therapy/coaching sessions. Rob is not available for new clients except for the intensive outpatient program for porn and sex addiction. Click here for more info.

Is this therapy or coaching?

We do therapy for clients that reside in Utah. Outside of Utah we offer coaching services. Click here to read our explanation of the differences between therapy and coaching.

How long does therapy take to work?

Our mission is to provide people a fast and economical route to healing of sex addiction and betrayal trauma. In the CSAT community, it’s usually said that recovery will take three to five years. We believe healing is possible in a shorter time with effective methods. A pattern like the following is good for many clients: weekly therapy/coaching for six to twelve months. Every other week for up to one to three years total. But some may be in therapy for shorter or longer. It’s an individual decision.

Is my marriage worth saving?

We can guide you through that analysis process. Marriage with a person sexually acting out who doesn’t take responsibility and won’t make effort is miserable. Marriage with someone who has been through an extensive recovery and healing process can be very rewarding. No marriage is beyond repair if both are willing.

Do you meet in person or teletherapy?

Most of our work is done teletherapy but we do have a local office for people in the St. George, Utah area and for those who come for intensives.

Is recovery possible?

If you’re struggling with sex addiction, there is hope. When our parts are ready to change, they can change in a second.
If you’re a betrayed partner, we hope your partner can make the change he needs to make. But whether or not he does, you can do the work to heal your trauma and create a meaningful, joyful life for yourself.

How do I get started?

We offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit and talk about the process. You can schedule here. If you make a schedule request, please send us a note through the contact form to tell us if you want to meet with Julie or Rob or no preference.

If you need a different time, we might be able to make time. Email us through the contact page and give us a few options, and we’ll try to make it work.