Privacy Policy

How We Collect Information About You:

Karuna Healing Counseling Services and its employees and volunteers collect data through various methods, including but not limited to letters, phone calls, emails, voicemails, and from the submission of applications necessary for the provision of our services or as required by law.

What We Do Not Do With Your Information:

Information regarding your financial situation and medical conditions that you share with us in writing, via email, phone, applications, or any other means, is held in strict confidence. We do not give out, exchange, barter, rent, sell, lend, or disseminate any information about clients or individuals who reach out for our services that are considered confidential, restricted by law, or specifically restricted by a client in a signed consent form.

How We Use Your Information:

Information is primarily used to provide you with services like sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma therapy. This may require communication between Karuna Healing Counseling Services and other healthcare providers, insurance companies, and others essential to verify your information and determine the kind of therapeutic services you require.

If there's any indication of fraud from the information you provide, whether intentional or due to negligence, your non-medical information may be shared with legal authorities.

Cookie Policy:

When you browse our site, advertising cookies might be placed on your device to understand your interests. Our advertising partner helps us show you retargeted ads based on your previous interactions with our site. The techniques used do not gather personal details like your name or contact information. If you have concerns about our use of cookies or wish to opt out, please contact us.
To opt out of interest-based advertising, please visit the provided opt-out link.

Limited Right to Use Non-Identifying Personal Information:

Any photos, stories, letters, and other materials sent to us become Karuna Healing Counseling Services' property. We may use non-identifying information for promotional activities related to our mission, but no identifying details will be used without explicit permission. If you wish for no information to be used for promotional purposes, please inform us in writing.

Notice of Privacy Practices:

Karuna Healing Counseling Services respects your health information's confidentiality. This section informs you about how your health data may be used and your rights related to this information. Before receiving our services, you need to acknowledge and agree to these terms.

How Your Health Information May Be Used and Shared:

Your health information can be used for treatment, payment, or operations without requiring your written authorization, following the federal privacy rules. For example, if a therapist at Karuna Healing Counseling Services consults with another healthcare provider about your condition, your confidential health information may be shared to assist in your therapy.

However, certain uses and disclosures of health information will require your explicit authorization, such as sharing psychotherapy notes (with specific exceptions) and any sale of PHI. There are also certain instances where we can use and disclose your information without your authorization, like for public health activities, legal proceedings, or research purposes.

You have rights regarding your health information. These include the right to request limits on uses, to choose how the information is sent to you, to view and get copies, to request corrections, and to receive a copy of this privacy policy.
This policy is effective upon signing.