"The ocean of tears cannot drown us if karuna (compassion is there." -- Thich Nhat Hanh

Hi, we're Rob and Julie.
Let us help you through sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing.

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8 Week Intensive Outpatient Sex Addiction Program Accepting New Clients

The Karuna Intensive Outpatient Porn and Sex Addiction Program includes individual therapy, group therapy, and 10 hours of video content and homework exercises.

12 Week Couples Group starting 3/19

We're excited to offer this new group, alternating weeks: one week we meet with Julie and Rob all together as couples. The next week we meet separately, the men with Rob and the women with Julie.

About Karuna

Karuna is the Buddhist word for compassion.
Compassion is at the core of all of our therapeutic strategies. Compassion for ourselves. Compassion for others.

Welcome to Karuna Healing Counseling Services – a sanctuary for those seeking guidance and healing. We specializes in sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma therapy, understanding the profound impact these challenges can have on individuals and relationships. With tailored sessions for both men and women, we provide a supportive environment for group-based recovery from sex addiction. Furthermore, our expert couple counseling aims to rebuild trust, rekindle love, and restore balance in relationships that have been strained. At Karuna, we believe in a holistic approach to healing, ensuring every individual embarks on a path of true recovery and reconciliation. Embarking on a journey of healing and self-discovery might seem daunting, but remember, you’re never alone.

Overcoming Sex Addiction, Healing from Betrayal, and Strengthening Relationships

Sex Addiction Recovery

Experience deep and lasting healing with Karuna Healing’s approach to sex addiction recovery, blending personal insight and best practices. Utilizing mindfulness, trauma therapy, and attachment repair, it targets the root causes of addiction for profound recovery.

Betrayal Trauma Healing

Experiencing betrayal in an intimate relationship can be one of the most severe traumas humans experience. Confront the pain, prioritize self-care, and emerge with renewed strength. Julie, trained in APSATS and EMDR, is here for you.

Couples Counseling

Even after the severe effects of sex addiction, with the right kind of recovery, a marriage can heal and evolve into the most intimate and rewarding of all marriages. Our has, and we are so grateful for that. Yours can too. Early couples recovery is not traditional marriage...

Addressing Narcissism

Narcissism is not always present in sex addiction but it often is. Our approach is informed by the Minwalla Model, recognizing that actions such as gaslighting and blame-shifting exacerbate the trauma the partner feels and the destroy the safety of marriage.

Online Group Therapy

Research shows that therapist-led group therapy is one of the most effective tools in recovery. We offer online individual and couples groups. We cap group size so everyone gets individual attention and require commitment to ensure group cohesiveness.

Coaching vs Therapy

We help clients all over the country and world via Zoom teletherapy. If you are in Utah, we can take insurance and work with you as therapists. If you are outside Utah, we provide our services as coaching.

Take one of our free assessments and get a free 15 page e-book with customized advice for your recovery given your results.

Attachment Security Assessment and Guide for Healing

Though about half of adults have secure attachment, research shows over 90% of those seeking treatment for sex addiction have insecure attachment. Insecure attachment is usually rooted in trauma and makes it difficult for us to manage negative emotions without resorting to maladaptive coping mechanisms like addiction. This assessment will show your attachment style and give you customized tips into how your attachment style affects your addiction and how to heal.

TIPSA Assessment for Betrayal Trauma

A recent study with over 1,000 participants showed that a betrayed partner experiences PTSD at a level higher than the average war veteran. As a betrayed partner, if you’re being accused of acting crazy, you’re likely experiencing serious symptoms of trauma. Hope and healing is real! Take the assessment to find out where you compare and read through the 15 page e-book to get some real and actionable education and advice on how to proceed in your healing journey.

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