Finding Healing Together: Betrayal Trauma Support Groups by Karuna Healing

Betrayal trauma can leave deep emotional wounds that affect individuals and couples alike. While therapy plays a crucial role in the healing process, there’s another powerful resource: betrayal trauma support groups. At Karuna Healing Counseling Services, we understand the importance of community and offer specialized support groups tailored to individuals and couples navigating the complexities of betrayal trauma.

Understanding Betrayal Trauma:

Betrayal trauma is a profound emotional experience resulting from the violation of trust in a relationship. It can stem from various forms of betrayal, such as infidelity, deceit, or emotional abuse. The aftermath of betrayal often leads to feelings of isolation, confusion, and emotional distress.

The Power of Betrayal Trauma Support Groups:

Support groups are safe spaces where individuals and couples can connect, share their experiences, and find solace in knowing they are not alone in their journey. These groups, when guided by a trained therapist, offer several benefits:

  1. Validation and Understanding: Being part of a group of people who have experienced similar betrayals can provide a profound sense of validation and understanding. It helps individuals and couples realize that their feelings are legitimate.
  2. Emotional Support: Betrayal trauma support groups offer a platform for participants to express their emotions openly. Sharing the pain and anguish with others who have walked a similar path can be incredibly therapeutic.
  3. Coping Strategies: Therapists leading these groups provide valuable guidance and coping strategies to help individuals and couples navigate their trauma. Learning from the experiences and strategies of others can be transformative.
  4. Rebuilding Trust: Rebuilding trust is a significant aspect of healing from betrayal trauma. Support groups can offer insights and strategies for rebuilding trust in oneself and in future relationships.

Individual Betrayal Trauma Support Groups:

Karuna Healing offers individual betrayal trauma support groups for those who prefer a one-on-one setting. These sessions allow for personalized attention and tailored strategies for healing.

Couples Betrayal Trauma Support Groups:

Couples who have experienced betrayal trauma together can benefit from our couples’ support groups. These sessions create a safe space for both partners to address their feelings, work towards understanding, and rebuild their relationship.


Betrayal trauma is a challenging journey, but it doesn’t have to be traveled alone. Karuna Healing Counseling Services offers specialized betrayal trauma support groups led by compassionate therapists who understand the complexities of this pain. Whether you choose individual or couples’ support, these groups provide a pathway to healing, recovery, and the restoration of trust and intimacy.


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