SIS for Females



In this questionnaire you will find statements about how you might react to various sexual situations. Please read each statement carefully and check the way you would most likely respond. If a question doesn’t apply, think of how you would respond theoretically if it were applicable. Don't think too long before answering, please give your first reaction. Try to be as honest as possible.

When a sexually attractive stranger accidentally touches me, I easily become aroused.(Required)
If I am having sex in a secluded, outdoor place and I think that someone is nearby, I am not likely to get very aroused.(Required)
When I talk to someone on the telephone who has a sexy voice, I become sexually aroused.(Required)
I cannot get aroused unless I focus exclusively on sexual stimulation.(Required)
If I am masturbating on my own and I realize that someone is likely to come into the room at any moment, I will lose my sexual arousal.(Required)
If I realize there is a risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease, I am unlikely to stay sexually aroused.(Required)
If I can be seen by others while having sex, I am unlikely to stay sexually aroused.(Required)
When I think of a very attractive person, I easily become sexually aroused.(Required)
Once I am sexually aroused, I want to start intercourse right away before I lose my arousal.(Required)
When I start fantasizing about sex, I quickly become sexually aroused.(Required)
When I see others engaged in sexual activities, I feel like having sex myself.(Required)
When I have a distracting thought, I easily lose my arousal.(Required)
If I am distracted by hearing music, television, or a conversation, I am unlikely to stay aroused.(Required)
When an attractive person flirts with me, I easily become sexually aroused.(Required)
Review and uncheck if not applicable